Computer Virus Protection

Studies have shown that the best way to get rid of a virus is to never have one in the first place. If you have a computer, laptop, or tablet, get advanced Computer Virus Protection from Computer Helper!

When Antivirus Software Fails, Get Professional Computer Virus Protection from Computer Helper

The US Patriot Act made it illegal for someone to gain access to a protected computer, or damage that computer or the property contained therein. In most countries, it’s not necessarily illegal to create computer viruses, but it is illegal in most places to distribute them. All of this makes you wonder why computer viruses, malware, adware, and spyware are all still so prevalent in our online communities. It at least makes you wonder why the government doesn’t step in with more effective ways of neutralizing these nasty, unwanted viruses. A bioterrorist would surely be thrown in jail if they were caught manufacturing viruses with the intention of inflicting harm on people, so why should computer virus manufacturers be treated any differently? It’s obvious that government entities aren’t currently capable of or willing to put a stop to the manufacturing of Computer Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Malware. So what can a homeowner or small business owner do to protect themselves? Many people find it’s helpful to have a professional on their side.

Why Should I Bother with Professional Computer Virus Protection For My Home or Work Office?

But what could happen to those who continue to operate a home computer or work computer without the help of professional Computer Virus Protection? According to a 2017 report, Enterprise-Level businesses took an average $1.7 Million Dollar bath when hit with an unprotected data breach. The average cost for a Small-to-Medium Business was around $117,000, and that’s only in initial costs and damages. That number grows astronomically in the long-run. In fact, most Small-to-Medium Businesses that are hit with an unprotected data breach never fully recover, and eventually have to close their doors. For homeowners and domestic computer users, the costs of damage might not be that high of a number, but an unprotected data breach could easily damage your bottom line by a much higher percentage. All your accounts wiped out, untold usage of stolen credit card info, not to mention the costs of replacing your computers or other devices, or any sentimental losses. We know how damaging that Computer Viruses can be to your home computer, your work computer, your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone, or any other device you may have. That’s why Computer Helper offers Metro Atlanta’s best professional Computer Virus Protection. We’re a step above the rest!

Get Computer Virus Protection That Works! Professional Computer Virus Protection from Computer Helper

As technology has continued to advance over the years, you might think that Computer Virus Protection Software would also evolve. However, both free and purchased versions of Virus Protection software have seemingly declined in recent years. Studies have shown that the percentage of Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Malware that makes it right through our Computer’s Firewalls is at alarmingly all-time high. With all the private information, financial information, medical records, family photos and videos, internet search histories, and everything else you’d like to keep out of the hands of online predators who want nothing more than to profit from making your life miserable. Nobody protects your precious information, documents, and media items quite like Computer Helper. We’ve been offering professional Computer Virus Protection since 1989, and we can help protect your home or work computer, laptop, or other devices from viruses.

Computer Virus Protection with an Added Layer of Security and Peace of Mind

When you choose Computer Helper as your Computer Virus Protection Company, you get the additional security of knowing that we go to greater lengths to protect your precious data than any other Metro Atlanta Virus Protection and Prevention Company. If for some reason, something does creep into the confines of your protected device, you can have the additional Peace of Mind from knowing that Computer Helper won’t stop until the problem is eradicated completely, and your device is safe and protected again. We’re firmly on your side when it comes to Computer Virus Protection! Call us, contact us, or stop by either of our remote locations in Douglasville or Villa Rica for a consultation!