VPN Setup

Keeping your important business files and private data protected is important to us. Secure your company’s data, and ensure your future success with Computer Helper’s VPN Setup.

Are Your Company’s Private Files Protected from Unwanted Visitors and Hackers? Get VPN Setup.

Network security is as important as home security. You wouldn’t leave your home accessible to thieves. Why leave your network open for Internet predators to gain access to your business’ most paramount documents? Cyber criminals are targeting more businesses as they become increasingly digital. Therefore, network security should be a top priority for business owners. Call Computer Helper for your VPN setup. It’s no longer enough to keep your passwords protected away in a secret file. Setting up a Virtual Private Network is what will make the difference between you maintaining control over your company’s fate, and potentially losing everything. Without a VPN setup, you won’t be able to apply an encryption to provide secure access to your computers when browsing the Internet. VPN setups are ideal for big businesses who have numerous files and Internet documents to protect. Visit Computer Helper in Douglasville or Villa Rica, or call us to set up a consultation on how we can protect your business!

Wondering If a VPN setup is Worth It? Talk to Computer Helper!

It is not uncommon for an employee to work remotely from a local coffee shop. But without a VPN setup, there could be major risks to your computer data from employees utilizing remote access spots. You could compromise your entire business setup if just one of your employees downloads a file from an unsecure network connection. There are many benefits to getting a VPN setup with Computer Helper. Whether your employees are working remotely, in-house, or out of the Country, your business will be protected from outsiders wanting to get in. With a VPN setup, you will decrease your chances for an Internet breach by a cybercriminal. You will be able to reassure your clients that their records and data won’t be compromised, and you will also be able to ensure productivity for your traveling employees and those who work from home by giving them a safe private network they can depend on during any time of the day. Contact Computer Helper to get started with your VPN setup right away.

I Already Have a Private Network. Why Do I Need A Virtual Private Network?

Using a Private Network only gives you a controlled amount of privacy. Using a Private Network is narrowed down to a group of users and it does not mandate users to have specific login credentials to access the network. However, with a Virtual Private Network, the network can only be accessed by the users who have the proper credentials. It is not confined to one group and could be used throughout the entire organization. This means the Virtual Private Network can be accessed remotely or internationally without any external risks. It is like an underground tunnel that allows you to go to your favorite Internet destinations without being tracked. Hackers will have a tougher time trying to steal your exclusive business information when you’re correctly using a professionally implemented VPN. Call Computer Helper for more information on how they can secure your company’s network with professional VPN Setup, and so much more!