Do I Need a Small Business Server?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not your growing company would benefit from a Small Business Server, Computer Helper can help you evaluate your data needs, and even install a server for you!!

Is Your Business Growing at an All-Time High? You May Need a Small Business Server

Since 1989, Computer Helper has been Douglasville, Villa Rica, Metro Atlanta, and West Georgia’s favorite Local IT Support Services Company. We excel at the kinds of computer repair services, IT Support Services, Network Administrator Services, Software Installation, Systems Security, and Small Business Server Solutions that your company needs to survive and thrive in the digital age we live in.

If you’ve ever had to be your own IT Support, you know how frustrating it can be, and how time-consuming it can be, to continually have to take time away from your business just to keep your computer systems and informational technology running efficiently, effectively, and securely. As your business continues to grow into the future, you may be exploring the need for a localized Small Business Server. This is one of the benchmarks of a growing business. If you need help deciding if a Small Business Server is right for you and your company, the IT support and Computer Systems experts from Computer Helper can help you evaluate all your needs.

How to Know When Your Company Needs a Small Business Server

There are several important indicators that might tell you if your growing business needs a Small Business Server, a Remote Server, Data Backup Solutions, or other Computer System Services. Here’s a helpful checklist to help you evaluate your current business status. And as always, if you’d like to consult with a Small Business Server Expert in your area, call or contact Computer Helper!

  • You’re Constantly Shifting Data from Computers to Storage and Back
  • Your Data Isn’t Readily Accessible from a Centralized Location
  • You Need to Centralize Project Resources and Make Them Accessible
  • You Want to Protect Your Data by Installing an In-House Server
  • You Want to Improve Efficiency by Decreasing Data Transfer Time
  • You Have Too Many External Drives, or You Lose Track of Data
  • You Still Email Files to Co-Workers for Joint Projects and Documents
  • You Don’t Have Enough Bandwidth to Successfully Utilize Cloud Services
  • You Need to Organize Archived Data from Communications like E-mails
  • You Want to Increase Profitability by Streamlining Central Data Storage
  • Your Cloud Services Are Always Full or You Shift Data to Make it Fit
  • Your Office Productivity is Poor, and You Waste Time Waiting for Space
  • You Get “Fail” Messages from Your Cloud Server for Interrupted Backups
  • You Need to Manage Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy Software from 1 Location
  • You’ve Lost or Deleted Important Data due to Glitching Data Transfers

Chances are, you already know whether or not your growing company needs a New Small Business Server System, or if you need an Upgraded Small Business Server Setup. For all your Small Business Server needs in Douglasville, Villa Rica, Metro Atlanta, and West Georgia, Computer Helper is here to help your business grow and thrive into the future!