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IT Services

Is your Metro Atlanta or West Georgia business in need of the best IT Services available from a local IT Services provider? If you need Big Business IT Services you can rely on, call Computer Helper today!

Big Business IT Services You Can Count On for Your Local Business

Growing a Business in the Metro Atlanta area to the status of “Big Business” is no small feat. But with enough smarts, bravery, intelligence, and fortune, business owners like yourself can accomplish this lofty goal. If you own, operate, or manage a business in West Georgia or Metro Atlanta, you need IT Services you can count on that will keep your business moving along at maximum efficiency. You need an experienced IT Services Company like Computer Helper. Our Services are available for your business through our central headquarters in Douglasville and Villa Rica, or directly at your business’s location! At Computer Helper, we bring Metro Atlanta’s best Small, Medium, and Big Business IT Services directly to your business! Call or contact us today to get started with Metro Atlanta’s #1 local IT Services company!

If you need the best “Big Business” IT Services for your small, medium, or large local company, contact us anytime! Don’t let IT problems hold back your thriving company another day! Call Computer Helper today for Big Business IT Services!

What is IT Service Management?

If you own or operate an established business, you’ve likely come across the concept of IT Service Management. And you’ve likely had to make one or more major decision based around how to handle it within your company. But what exactly are the services that an IT Support Service company might offer your thriving business? What IT Management Services would really benefit your company? Here are a few that your mid-level to large business might be able to benefit from:

  • Software Installation
  • Network Installation
  • Firewall Installation
  • Mobile Office Installation
  • Data Backup Services
  • Technical Support
  • Systems Security
  • New Computer Setup
  • LAN Setup & Maintenance
  • Routers & Switchers
  • Remote Monitoring Plans
  • Cloud Data Backup
  • On-Site Computer Repair
  • Network Management
  • Computer Systems Support
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote User Setup
  • Network Documentation
  • Financial Software Setup
  • Total Office Connectivity
  • Workflow Management

The key to making IT Service Management work for you is first deciding what exactly your business needs help with, and what could enhance your productivity the most, while protecting and enhancing your data. Then you should choose an IT Support Services company that can handle your needs, and offer fair pricing for their services. It’s also a bonus if you can get real technicians to interact with you and your business. Online or over-the-phone tech support is better than nothing. But nothing beats a real, live, local expert in IT Management Services. Get a free estimate from Computer Helper today!

Software Installation and Setup

If you need Software Installation or Setup for your Big Business, Computer Helper offers outstanding Software Support. From Windows, Office, & Outlook, to Financial Software like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage 50, and even more, Computer Helper has your software needs covered from start to finish!

Systems and Network Support

These days, most businesses rely in some way, shape, or form on Informational Systems and Networks. If you need Network Installation, Support, Analysis, or Maintenance, Computer Helper is here!

Local Area Networks (LAN) Setup and Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining a Local Area Network isn’t always as easy as it seems. Computer Helper takes the aggravation out of your LAN Setup and Maintenance needs.

Routers, Switchers, and Firewalls

Does your business have an intricate daisy-chain of Routers, Switchers, and Firewalls? Let Computer Helper simplify your life, and improve your performance with sensible installation.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Safeguard your network, while not sacrificing your WiFi administration, with a user-friendly Virtual Private Network setup from Computer Helper. We’re here to help you!

Remote Office Setup and Mobile User Configuration

When you have to do business on the go, Computer Helper can help set you up with Remote Office Setup, or handy Mobile User Configuration.

Remote Monitoring Plans

For quicker troubleshooting, or for safeguarding against potential problems, Computer Helper can keep your computer systems up and running smooth with our Remote Monitoring Plans.

Network Documentation

For better information regarding your Business Network, how it’s performing, and any potential issues that need troubleshooting, Computer Helper provides Network Documentation services.

Large Business Backup Solutions

One of the most helpful ways to support your business is through installing and maintaining adequate Large Business Backup Solutions. If you need Data Backup and more, call Computer Helper!