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What’s Most Important in an IT Support Company for Your Business?

Is your small business suffering because you’re still scrambling to handle in-house IT emergencies? Who handles things when your network goes down? Who handles new hardware and software installations? Who handles your cybersecurity? Who handles your data migration? If the power blinks, and you lose your data, is there a sufficient backup system in place?

If you’re still running your own IT services, or you’ve got your most tech-savvy employees trying to keep it afloat, you could be hurting your business more than you know. Wasted time, decreased productivity, and a complete loss of business focus are pretty sizeable costs for any local business. If you want superior IT Support Services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time IT person, you should consider professional IT Support Services from an experienced, knowledgeable team of Business IT Experts. You should consider Computer Helper.

We’ve been a top local resource for small business owners since 1989, and we have the experience and expertise to get all your company’s IT support systems operating at full capacity, so you can get the most out of your business.

The Challenges of Owning, Operating, & Managing a Local Small Business Are Endless. We Can Help.

If you’re like many of the small business owners in the West Georgia or Metro Atlanta areas, you know what owning, operating, or managing a small business is really all about. You know that with great planning, a little bravery, a lot of hard work, and maybe even a little luck, you can keep a small, local business afloat, or even watch it grow. You can surely count on some good times, some lean times, some crazy times, and hopefully some balanced times of growth. But one thing you can’t count on is for problems to solve themselves. When you own, operate, manage, or work for a local small business in Douglasville, Villa Rica, and any one of the other charming big and small towns around West Georgia and Metro Atlanta, you know that when problems arise, they will eventually rest fully on your shoulders.

What are the real costs of your IT Support options? What factors should be considered?

For small businesses, medium sized companies, and even big businesses, you have only a small handful of options regarding Tech Support for your company and your people. For your company to thrive in today’s economy, you need to be operating at the highest rates of efficiency, every day. To grow your company, you must be able to see around the corners of your current technology, and prepare for every new advancement that might bisect your particular arena. Few companies have the in-house personnel it takes to truly handle their IT support needs, while staying cost effective. In our experience, most companies try to handle things in-house, and only on an “absolutely necessary” basis. What’s the best choice for your company? Let’s explore!

1) Hire an employee as in-house IT Support = $40,000 – $65,000/yr. – Average satisfaction level = 7/10

Hiring someone solely for the task of in-house IT Support can seem like a viable option, and it can be a real source of relief for business owners, if they hire the right in-house IT Support person. It keeps the pressure off business owners like yourself, and your employees now have someone inhouse who can keep your technologies going and help improve total efficiency. The only real drawback is having to pony up for annual wages, vacation time, benefits, and whatever else is required. It also makes some business owners nervous to yield all their power of operations to a single employee, regardless of their skill level.

2) Get a current employee to do it = $10,000 – $25,000/yr. – Average satisfaction level = 3.5/10

This might seem like a better option than doing it yourself, especially if you have someone who is gifted at IT type things. But unless you want to hire someone to replace the work that this double-duty employee will be missing by handling your IT Support, expect a downturn in productivity, or at the very least a very frazzled and overworked employee, and a growing divide between them and your other personnel. Low rate of return. Low rate of satisfaction. Nobody wins for very long.

3) Ignore your company’s need for IT = $15,000 – $50,000/yr. – Average satisfaction level = 2.5/10

Sounds ridiculous, right? But you’d be surprised how many business owners like to pretend that their IT problems never happen, or that they can just navigate through with a few tricks off the internet. They unrealistically expect employees to produce quality work on faulty machines, using inefficient systems. Negative factors like time wasted, constant distractions, halted workflows, missed deadlines, massive data loss, and your lack of concern might actually cause good people to leave, and leave you in an even bigger bind. In the long run, this is definitely the lowest average satisfaction level, and the quickest way to make your company obsolete in today’s business world.

4) Be your own IT Support = $30,000 – $200,000/year – Average Satisfaction level = 3.5/10

As your business grows, this might be a natural progression, especially since you’re likely the one making new technology purchases. But every hour you spend as your company’s IT Support is another hour you spend NOT growing your business. Add up the missed opportunities over time, along with the general dissatisfaction that you and your employees will likely have with the current status of your company’s informational technology systems, and your satisfaction level drops considerably.

5) Hire an IT Support Services Consultant = $400 – $2,500/month – Average satisfaction level = 9.8/10

The above satisfaction level is based on Computer Helper’s most current ratings. And while we can’t speak for every other IT Support company out there, we can promise you that when you choose Computer Helper’s team of technology experts, you’ll get the very best of what we have to offer, every single time you call. Not only might this be the most efficient option for your company, it very well might be the most cost-effective option as well. Depending on your needs, desires, and the frequency of IT Support visits, full-service IT Support could take your company to the next level.

  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Increased systems capabilities
  • Quicker computer repairs
  • Better cybersecurity
  • Faster software installations
  • More secure data backup
  • Decreased frustrations
  • Increased office efficiency
  • Increased employee empowerment
  • Quicker hardware installations
  • Better technical support
  • Faster software updates
  • More streamlined workflow
  • Decreased interruptions
  • Increased IT expertise
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Quicker technology implementation
  • Better system cohesion
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Superior IT knowledge
  • Decreased IT worries

If the thought of increased productivity and reliability sounds like a great idea, you should consider giving Computer Helper a call, and scheduling a free on-site consultation regarding your IT Support needs. We can help you grow your technology to meet the increasing demands of your growing company, and keep you and your workforce operating on all cylinders as quickly as possible. When you factor in all the benefits of getting IT Support services from an external provider, along with the decrease in total costs and frustrations from trying to go other routes, it makes sense to at least consult with a professional IT Support company like Computer Helper. Technology isn’t going anywhere. Doesn’t it make sense to get your informational technology systems operating at full capacity? Call or contact Computer Helper in western Georgia or anywhere in or around the Greater Atlanta area for the best small business IT support services you can get. Locally owned. Locally operated. Expert IT services, designed to meet the needs of your business. Call Computer Helper, today.

Computer Helper – Helping Small Business Challenges Become Small Business Solutions Since 1989

One of the biggest challenges for small business personnel, or for those working remotely from a home office, is having to constantly be your own IT Support. It’s not only a difficult task to manage, especially if it’s outside your field of expertise, but it can be a financial hinderance, as well as a major time burner, for yourself and for your people.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could work with an IT Support Company that truly understood your struggle? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get IT Support Services from a Local Company who truly knew what it takes to keep a small business clicking on all cylinders? Well, the wait is over! Computer Helper knows the value that affordable, efficient IT Support can bring to your small business. We know how valuable IT Support is to Small Businesses because since we’ve been a West Georgia small business since 1989! Sure, things are different now than they were back then, but Computer Helper still remains the small business that helps other small businesses. If you need Small Business IT Support Services, don’t delay! Call Computer Helper!

Are you looking for Small Business IT Support, computer repair, network administration, or other IT Services? Computer Helper has been helping Douglasville, West Georgia, and Metro Atlanta business owners with all the necessary IT Support Services they need to work better, and live better, since 1989. See what Computer Helper can do for you!

5-Star IT Support for Your Small Business – Computer Helper IT Support Services

When your small business is in need of Computer Installation, Computer Repair, Wireless Network Installation, Data Network Setup and Data Backup Solutions, and all other Information Technology services, contact Computer Helper. If lack of IT Support is holding back your small business, or taking up all your valuable time, while keeping you from your day-to-day business, you need IT Solutions. You need a company made of real computer experts who live and work in the areas where you live and work. If you own, operate, or manage a small business in Douglasville, Villa Rica, West Georgia, or the Metro Atlanta area, Computer Helper can help meet your Small Business IT Support Needs! Call or contact Computer Helper today!